Why Do I Smell?

Day 3 of velocity diet and the weight is literally melting off (6 lbs so far). Awesome!! However, my wife says I stink and it’s getting worse. She called it “detoxing”. It reminds me of ketosis though.

I’ve heard others say the same thing… so why does this diet make you smell and how long does it last?

I’ve honestly never heard that. Now, ketosis can cause bad breath for a while, but the V-Diet shouldn’t put you into ketosis unless you’re skipping required supplements or doing it incorrectly. I’ve heard people talking about a “detoxifying” effect when they clean up their diets, but I’ve never heard of this happening with a V-Dieter.

Hm, well I’m following it to the letter and am using all of the required Biotest supplements so that’s not it.

Guess we’ll see how it goes…

Could it be you’re sweating more, and that’s causing some odor? I’ve noticed I feel hot or at least warmer at rest now. Just a thought.

Is it from your breath or is it bo? Increased proteinintake could lead to more ammonia in your sweat. Smell your shirt after a trainingbout. Also check your urine for foam. If it foams it could be that you are ingesting an excessive amount of protein (compared to your normal needs). Should not pose a problem. Ketosis would be unlikely if you ingest a lot of protein.

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