Why Divided Doses of Flameout?

I have been using the Flameout. I usually just take them all at once. I do see that you have split them into 4 times a day. Please help me to understand the benefit to this. Have I been taking them wrong all along? Please advise

A mod may comment differently, but I don’t think it matters as long as you get them all in. I typically take mine all in the evening before bed. Give this a read:

You don’t necessarily “have to”. I think the original V-Diet plan suggested 1-2 Flameout caps with each shake and the current plan has a serving just with the HSM. From a practical side, the pills are relatively large and some people (wussies) have trouble taking them all at once.

Like Rob said, as long as you get them all in, you’re good. I usually take my fish oil in one go with a meal, but I may split it up an take a few capsules several times a day I’m having joint pain because I feel better that way (I basically pop them like some people pop aspirin, ha.)

Thank you for that. I swallow 2 at a time these days and all four at a go. It was difficult at first but no biggie. Just want them to work their best. Much appreciated. Funny thing is that except for the Plazma I am already taking all of these suppliments. So I have a good start.

Thank you for the article. I will read it for sure!!!

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