Why Cycle Alpha Male?

I am very interested in understanding why Alpha Male needs cycling as it contains ingredients that normally don’t need any cycling… Forskolin, tribulus, long jack.

Forskolin is the main in ingredient in carbolin-19. Carbolin-19 can be taken all year without any cycling based on product descriptions.

Tribulus and longjack are two plants extracts, two natural sources.

Why do these ingredients require cycling? These ingredients taken separately don’t have any sort of cycling requirements. Especially the two plant extracts. Even forskolin is said to be taken all year on the product description.

Thank you!

It’s not so much about the ingredients themselves, it’s about optimizing the overall effect of the formula in your body.

The 5-on/2-off approach is to more closely “replicate” the natural fluctuation of Test in the body. Because Alpha Male nudges your body to produce more test on its own, it’s more effective to do the mini-cycling throughout the week instead of going pedal-to-the-floor 24/7/365.

That’s what it allows it to be the most effective natural test booster around - It delivers the right ingredients at the right doses at the right time instead of just taking a shotgun approach.

I’m a big-time fan of Alpha Male, myself, and saw bloodwork-verified proof of its effects when following label directions. My numbers improved about 45% and went from below-normal/clinically low T back up into the normal range.

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