Why am I Gaining Weight on V-Diet?



I made my goals clear, I want to lose weight and I want to lose inches from my waist, and inches from my neck. I am not looking to get ripped. If you believe measuring my arms and thighs will help me lose weight, you are probably not going to help me meeting my goals. Yes, it is recommended that I weigh in once per week, but the last time I checked stepping on a scale doesn’t add weight.

I plan to complete 7 days of the diet exactly as you recommend because I am indeed listening to what you say. I will NOT measure anything other than my neck, waist, and weight, because that is all I care about, emphasis on weight.

I appreciate your efforts to completely deflect from discussing the unethical advertisements and testimonials, none of which put any emphasis on arm or leg measurements and in truth, have absolutely nothing to do with the current version of the diet. Great work. I know you have no intention of ever answering that because you CANNOT.

I started back on the specific plan yesterday, so I’ll update in 6 days.



It is comical that you have attempted to do assess my life. You clearly place all of your self worth on your physical appearance. That’s not unbelievably sad or anything. To me that seems like a pathetic existence. I fortunately have more going for me in life, even if my outlook is negative. I hope all you’re bros think you look great in a speedo. What a life goal!


No, stepping on a scale doesn’t add weight, but weighing in that often can be a mindfuck (pardon my French), especially during a fat loss phase. It messes with a person’s head and causes them to react by making unnecessary changes to a plan rather than sticking to the pre-determined plan. And that’s 100% exactly what happened here.

If you had stuck to the V-Diet, as written, from Day 1 to Day 7 and then weighed in, you would’ve been able to make a well-informed decision about whether or not to make adjustments.

With regard to measuring multiple sites, it’s because fat loss generally isn’t location-specific. Just because your goal is to lose from your neck and waist doesn’t mean that’s how you body will respond. If you drop an inch off your chest, an inch off your below-navel waist, a half-inch off upper arms, then you’re losing fat and things are working. But you won’t notice if you keep a narrow focus.

But, okay, let’s set aside the multiple measurements. To date, you still haven’t told us how your measurements changed anyway. The stats you put in the first post, were those current or initial? Do you even know how much your target measurements have changed? I asked this same thing two days ago, but you only responded to the part about how your clothes are fitting.

Lastly, (another question you’re going to ignore), it just dawned on me that you never mentioned the extra cardio workouts you wanted to do. The 20-minute high intensity runs and 30-minute lower intensity cycling. Did those not happen, were you counting them as NEPA, or what?

I had forgotten about it before, but it kinda throws another question mark on your whole “I was following the plan exactly and doing the workouts as suggested”-thing.

Your repetition about unethical whatever is kinda laughable, and also kinda insulting. It’s weird to be pointing fingers about people being unethical when you’ve been bashing the diet and its results even though you were following it wrong in eight different ways (as I listed in my last post).

I’m not in charge of advertising, but I’m pretty certain any testimonials are pulled from members on the forum and can be fully supported. Complaining about some pics being from the older version isn’t relevant, because the current V-Diet is more effective than the original plan.



Yes, I have done some cardio as discussed in the others thread. I did them on off lifting days as you recommended, I also used a scoop of Plazma and times my WO with the shakes so that I drank 1/2 before and 1/2 after in the same time frame.


Instead of NEPA on those days, like I suggested?

And for the third time, how have your measurements changed from day one to day whenever?

Also, don’t forget to weigh in this Sunday or Monday and take new measurements.


Yes, instead of NEPA.

I will get new measurements on Monday from a guy at work that does height/weight. Again, we only focus on waist and neck. I am interested in losing weight for functionality, not to get a fake tan, cover myself in baby oil and prance about in a speedo. I don’t have a negative outlook where my physical appearance encompasses my entire self worth.

Again, still having 4 x 2 shakes even though I usually feel full in the evening, completing all the WOs and NEPA. Will do the V challenge tomorrow. My HSM is usually lean beef with brown rice/quinoa and broccoli. I have moved all my meals to the higher end of the spectrum shooting for 600-700 cal as well.

When week 3 starts and I switch to part 2 of the WOs, do I restart my rest period or continue to 45 or shave 5 seconds to 35 seconds? I started week 1 with 45 sec rest and cut to 40sec rest this week.


Measurements are in following week 2…

Weight - 185.0 (down 2.6lbs since I started)
Neck - 15.5” (no change, not surprised)
Waist - 37.75 (down 1.25” since I started)


Been a month, how’s it going?