Who's Starting Feb 1?

Hello fellow V-Dieters,

I ordered all of my supplements yesterday (YAY!), and am going to be starting the V-Diet Feb 1.

I’m not “attempting” or “trying” it. I’m just gonna do it plain and simple :slight_smile: I’ve always had a very all or nothing mentality, so in this case I’m going to stick to the program (both diet and advanced Waterbury lifting schedule) 100% w/ no deviations or adjustments.

I’m going to have all of my measurements, bf%, and “before pics” measured/taken on Friday, 1/30 and will go from there.

Is anyone else planning on starting the diet Feb 1? I figured it works out perfect b/c Feb is a 28 day month, and it starts on a Sun. I plan to work out Tue, Thur, Sat - so this will give me 2 days of adjusting before my first workout, and a full week on the diet before my first weekend HSM.

If anyone else is starting on the 1st, and would like to start a “group blog” for posting progress, let me know :slight_smile: No Negative Nancys though!! Only people that have made up their mind to do this diet, and do it all the way!

I am very eager to see your results from what you said in your previous posts!

Rah Rah!

I started the same way and that first HSM will seem so far away…but with your attitude and philosophy I am sure you will do fine.


I will be ordering the rest of my supps tommarow and will be starting the 1st also.

I sill need to figure out my cal intake and everythign yet!

March 19th 2007, I weighed 320 lbs. I played college football for a small university and ended up playing a few months of semi-pro. I was fat. Today, I weigh 221 and I am going to do the V–Diet to try to blast the plateu I’ve hit.
I’m with you bro, February it is!

Yay Christie! I look forward to reading your blog. I’m on day 17 now and sailing through. There’s no doubt in my mind that you will enjoy great success on this. All the best, Helen

Hey DF and Hannibal - Awesome! I think it will be at least a little more enjoyable to go through this with others at the same time so that we can compare/discuss our progress and any side effects that we notice.

Hannibal - Congrats on the weightloss so far! That’s a full third of your original weight gone - amazing :slight_smile:

Helen - I’ve been following your blog as well, and it’s helped to prepare me for what’s to come, and what I may expect to experience over the first few weeks - so thanks for your detailed posts :slight_smile:

Anyone else starting Feb 1?

This is one of the most motivational things that I have put myself through…It gets old sometimes but I have loved every step of it. My last day of the 1st 4weeks is the day before you start. I will also remain posting on the same thread through the transition and therough the “Get shredded” diet as well.
Good luck and have fun, if you have any questions dont hesitate to ask.

Wow Christie, your comp pics look great! What are you trying to get down to with the V-diet?

Thanks Thai :slight_smile:

A little “background” on me - I’ve competed in several competitions - started out in bodybuilding, but it’s really laughable. I lived in Virginia at the time and the federation that I competed in was TINY!! I didn’t have much size on me at all, but was shredded as hell the first several competitions.

I actually won 1st overall in one, 1’st women’s tall in another, and 2nd women’s tall in the third (of the bodybuilding competitions). If you’ve seen any of my photo’s, you’re probably like “really?” b/c I don’t have a bodybuilder’s physique at all! But I guess that was the advantage of competing in such a small federation. I can diet down and shred like no-body’s business, but I have a VERY hard time putting on significant size.

The girls I competed against were all more developed then me, but they really hadn’t “cut” enough for stage, and the I guess the judges felt that my less developed shredded physique was more worthy of the placement then the other competitors more developed, softer physiques.

Any way long story short, I moved to Massachusets away from my trainers, posing coach, coreographer, nutritionist, support group, ect. I got lazy and fat on fast food. About a year later I got fed up w/ it and decided to compete again, but this time in a more well-known federation - I had aspirations of being on the cover of Oxygen magazine, a spokesmodel for a supplement company, the whole 9 yards . .

Anyway, I decided to compete in Figure with the Fitness Atlantic Federation. I trained for stage w/ Cathy Savage and her team, and had my own trainer on the side (John Sullivan “Sully” at Excel Sport & Fitness) who helped me put on more muscle than I’d ever had before. I dieted down, and was honestly in AMAZING shape - ready to take the Fitness Atlantic by storm! Then I was rushed to the emergency room 2 days before the competition w/ acute appendicitis.

All that work, and I missed the opportunity to “get myself out there” in front of potential sponsors, publicists, ect. I was DEVASTATED, and shortly thereafter had to move to TX, once again leaving behind my support group and trainers.

Again, I got fat and lazy on fast food (noticing a pattern here?? lol). A year later, I decided to compete again - this time in Fitness Texas (still part of the Fitness Universe Federation). Trained my ass off, dieted down, but about 4 weeks out from show was offered the career advancement of a lifetime. The problem was that it would require a lot of travel, and insane hours for the first few months - which would prevent me from making my competition date. I had to make the “grown-up” decision, and put my career above my hobby . .

So guess what … . I got lazy and fat AGAIN!!! And that brings me to the here and now. My problem is this - I’m VERY all or nothing. I have never had a problem dieting down for a competition, because I simply tell myself “when this is over, I can have that krispy kreme, and that DQ blizzard”. But that’s really an unhealthy frame of mind. I’d really like to eat clean year-round and get rid of my tendency to swing from one end of the clean eating pendulum to the other over, and over, and over again.

The thing that entices me about the V-Diet is the “re-training” of cravings. When I say I got “fat and lazy”, that’s really only in my eyes of course. I know what I’m capable of, and this definitely isn’t it. No, I’m not “fat”, but I’m carrying around more padding than I’d like to be, even in the off-season. And it’s all due to fast food and sugar. I’m still training hard-core, but really not watching what I eat at all. I know that I have so much potential, and that I’m a “natural” at this (I’m blessed w/ a very athletic and lean figure naturally), but I feel like I’m throwing all of that potential down the drain.

Soooo . . what do I want from the V-Diet?? First and foremost, I want to re-train my cravings, and stop the cycle of clean-to-binge-to-clean-to-binge eating once and for all. Second, I’d like to lean out and jump-start my metabolism again - get rid of the “bumpy crap” on my rear, and re-claim my figure! And yes, I do want to compete again, but I haven’t set a date yet.

I’ve been Oly-lifting for about 6 months now, and I want to lean out a little to see the changes in my physique - I know I’ve increased my stregnth, and my legs are much more muscular, but I’m afraid that my shoulders aren’t capped quite as well as they were when I was training for competitions. So I want to see where I stand, re-evaluate, possibly change up my training a little, and then go from there.

But I can’t do any of this until I shave off the layer of padding and see what’s underneath :slight_smile:

Sounds great! Im in this for the same reasons…I mainly want to reset my eating habbits, Im a competitive fighter and my fight weight is 205-220…I always wanted to fight below the 205 range but never had the will to do it…

Generally in my off season I walk at 260-270 and cut to 230 during the fight season…I ust want to change my eating habbits so I dont do the roller coaster thing anymore either…Cant wait for the begining of my next journey! This one was certainly a sucess

Hi Christie,

I will join your feb 1st date as well. I live in mass. and work with
Cathy Savage as well, but don’t have any shows picked out yet.

Small world!

It will be interesting to see what type of fat loss I can achieve with this
compared to the clean eating, rotating macros, before a show diet.

I ran into a lot of stomach problems right before my 1st show in
2007, so I hope they don’t start up again this year. It took me all of
2008 to finally get a diagnosis from the hospitals/drs.

Will try to keep up with postings and stats of how I do each week.

Good luck!

Hi Sky!

Welcome to the cool kids club of February V-Dieters! :slight_smile:

Tell Cathy and Amy I said HI!! Are Mandy and Annette still up there too? I really miss everyone up there soooo much.

It’ll be nice having another competitor along for the V-Diet ride at the same time!

Good luck to you as well (even though we all know luck has nothing to do with it!!)


Sorry my name is Toni, my daughter’s name is Skylar, so I chose it for a user name… we both have the same birthdays though!

Yes annette is still there, I have not been down for sunday sessions, kinda far, but did a boot camp session with jen lutz in october which was great.

I figured on Valentine’s Day (week 2) I can have chocolate shakes all day long! yee- ha! hubby can get out of buying chocolates that day, instead he can get me
chocolate Metabolic Drive!

thanks, look forward to the support from this group.

Count me in as well…although I can’t start on the 1st…probably the 3rd.

Got my supps in the mail last night :slight_smile: 3 days and counting! I can’t believe how much I’m looking forward to this . . . well maybe it’s just that I’m looking forward to not having to cook or grocery shop for a whole month :wink:

I’m on for Feb 1st! Let’s do this thing!!!

hi guys,

Well hate to say it but I started EARLY with the diet… I am impatient and want to get into my jeans sooner! so on that note, I am on day 3, I am weight- training m,w, and fridays.

Did my walk yesterday, 30 min on treadmill and 30 min on the stepper, keeping it low intensity. I am gonna miss my hiit routines but Chris said keep to the walks.

Only thing I have had is headaches in the afternoon and some fatigue but that could be (pms week, sorry guys!). Other than that I get really full from the shakes.

My weight started at 146 and I am now at 144 already. I know it is probably water weight but at least it is going in the down direction!

I am getting more flavors today, strawberry and banana, I tried the orange…YUCK! gave that to my husband, the choc. and vanilla are good though and I have the raspberry Surge so now I have a variety of flavors.

Since I am a coffee junkie (which I cannot give up) I now put my 5 shots of espresso into my choc. w/some water and blend then pour over ice. It makes a nice mocha and I am still getting my caffeine in, thank god!

I will post my measurements as well and keep you updated on my progress. Can’t wait till you guys start soon, you only have 2 days left so get ready!!


Hi Toni :slight_smile:

I almost started early too, but my hubby made me promise to wait until Feb 1st b/c he’s going to be out of town the 1st through the 3rd, and wants to miss out on the “adjustment period”!

I’m so excited - 2 days to go :slight_smile:

I was supposta receive the rest of my supps 2 days ago but they never arrived. I just called Fed Ex and they will have it here today.

I cant wait to get this started and finished haha.

There is one small problem, I was sceduled to work 8 weeks night shift which would have been much easier for the diet. I just got off of the phone w/ my 3 bosses and in the middle of the diet they are putting me on dayshift due to layoffs. Oh well!

at least you won’t be around the kitchen during the day thinking about food, that’s why I like being at work, keeps my mind off the food!

my kid’s pizza looked so good tonight I had to leave the room sipping my
strawberry shake!

3 down, 25 more days to go… yee ha!

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