Who Isn't the V-Diet For?


Hi Chris,

I’m a trainer up in Vancouver Canada- I’m interested in learning more about the V-Diet and will put myself through it; however I’m interested if I can use it with some of my clients.

My only concern is with the HOT-ROX Extreme- I’ve taken them before and to say they have ‘some stimulatory properties’ seems a bit weak- I get pretty jacked off them and I’m concerned that they could have harmful side effects for some people.

Who shouldn’t be taking HOT-ROX? I have clients on blood pressure mediction and others on pain medications, some on hormone therapy (female). If you could let me know who this product is definitely contraindicated for and what the possible side effects are for average ‘healthy’ people I would really appreciate it. Does it contain ephedra?

Finally in consideration of my concerns above- is there a safer substitute or can the diet yeild effective results without it?




See warning label on HOT-ROX. All other info is on the product page:

For those who can’t handle stimulants, SE7en is a good alternative, even for men:


Thanks for the info.

Do either of these products contain ephedra? Neither of them say that on the label but I’m not sure if ephedra has any other names…I’ve come across another product, Super Pump Max that was tested in a lab facility and shown to contain ephedra without indicating it on the label.



Ephedrine has been illegal for years. And you can read all the ingredients in that link I posted for you.

We do not “sneak” it into products.