Where to Begin?


Well I’m not new to this, but I would venture to say new to this “this time”…

I have been away from constant weight lifting for a few years and I have bought and used my fair share of Biotest Supplements in the past. This forum is what got me serious about weights before my marriage over ten years ago. Anyways, I’m coming back to it again and go look in the store and everything is different and there’s a lot more things to chose from than there was back in the day, so basically I’m part overwhelmed, and part lazy.

I don’t want to have to spend a month plus researching everything and threads on it’s best uses etc. So I’m asking for a pass on the research for every supplement and some help. I will do my research of course but looking for help narrowing it down a bit.
Everything is much different than it was before for supplement options in the store.

I’m 5’10, 235 lbs, 34" waist. I am starting back in with CW’s Big Boy Training, as it’s easy to follow and has given me good results quickly to have a decent baseline in the past as it builds my strength quickly, etc. I have had great results with all the T Nation workouts I have done in the past, and I have responded well to everything I have tried from CW’s Muscle Revolution book which I still have.

I’m not looking to shred right now, just build back my strength and fill in the frame with muscle, I could care less being “pretty” right now. I have been in and out of the hospital since Sep of last year and now coming back to the gym after a long time away. Any other info needed to give me advice just ask. I use to just use creatine, t-booster, whey for pre/post workout, casein for before bed, and something to get jacked before hitting the weights, and of course a multi vitamin, and Flameout. Not looking to go crazy on budget either as my household has grown (wife and three kids, and two dogs, lol)

Thanks in advance for the help.


Ill tell anyone who will listen to use PLASMA. My soreness is gone and my workouts have been taken up a notch since I started using it. It recommends three scoops per serving, but you can get away with two, one for the pre-load, one for while you train. As long as your nutrition outside of the gym is on point, I really think you will notice a difference.


Good to have you back! Chicksan is right, we always recommend you start with a solid foundation of workout nutrition.

<a href=""target=“new”>Plazma is the top dog in that department, and <a href=""target=“new”>Surge Workout Fuel is a close second (a little easier on the budget.) Once that’s taken care of, the rest is just based on needs and goals. Check out my recent article: Some guidelines there for narrowing down what you may need in addition to workout nutrition.