Where Do I Go from Here?



Last January, I decided it was time to Lose weight and be fit for once in my life. At 357lbs, it’s not exactly a hard decision to make.

Started with the simplest diet template I could had read about, the 100 gram carb cure article, Stuck with it for some time lost about 40 lbs in a few months, then it started to slow, So I switched to the anabolic diet and that worked for quite some time, not to mention easy, given the weekend trips to Rhodestown. When it slowed down I shortened the full weekends to a single day, and then down to a single evening.

Here’s the problem, my year end goal is to hit 275 pounds, right now I’m sitting at 280-285 and holding on about 50-100 grams of carbs a day because I wasn’t losing weight anymore with my previous approach.

Where do I go from here, is it a matter of a caloric cut within the anabolic diet parameters, or is something else wrong? Is it possible that being around 30 grams of carbs(thereby cutting out alot of vegetables and nutrients) for about 9 months taking its toll?



Losing weight in general is all about the calories. I’d suggest reducing your calories within the anabolic diet parameters.

Are you currently keeping track of what you eat or calorie counting in any way? As much as it’s a pain in the ass, there are some iPhone apps that make it relatively simple (I use myfitnesspal day and night) and it will ensure that you continue to lose weight as you can decrease calories any time your fat loss stalls for an extended period of time, which will cause another bout of weight loss (rinse and repeat). I’ve personally used this for two cutting cycles (170 --> 148 and 180 --> 156) and I’ve found that it works terrifically. :slight_smile:

And keep your veggies. Those do not need to be thrown out.


Fat loss isn’t just about lowering carbs. Calories count too, and you can actually get fat on a low carb diet if calories are high enough.

But the answer isn’t to keep lowering calories either. You’ll wreck your metabolism if you keep that up and go too low for too long.

Better to choose all healthy foods, eat a slightly lower than maintenance level diet, and increase activity. In short, 1) see where your calories are at and adjust, and 2) train harder.


What does your training look like and how’s that calorie total?


Thanks guys, at what rate should I cut calories, should I keep it at a certain percentage below maintenance, or a set block of, say 500 calories? Because I’m planning this out multi year, should I have periods of maintenance to avoid the detriment to the metabolism, or am i just overthinking at this point?

I was thinking, if it was a 15% cut in calories within the anabolic diet parameters, for a 12 week cycle, cutting 15%-20% further when progress slows as necessary, then after that 12 week cycle, find maintenance again for say a 4 week period, then cut a percentage again for another 12 weeks until I reach my goal weight next year.

As for my training, it’s 3 days a week alternating light, medium and heavy days, to accommodate work schedule and conditioning when i can manage to fit it in.

And I try to keep calories in the 2000 - 2200 range

Monday - Deadlift w/2-3 assistance

Wednesday - Bench w/2-3 assistance

Friday - Squat w/2-3 assistance


How Tall are you at 280?


I’m 5’9"


If you’re at 2k calories and 100 grams of carbs there shouldn’t be any reason you’re not losing weight. I’d try to up your workout volume


Right on man, It’s worth a shot. Thanks


[quote]Iron_Acadian wrote:
Right on man, It’s worth a shot. Thanks[/quote]

Some sled/prowler work if you have access to it. I wouldn’t try sprints.


Yeah I have access to a sled, Sprints suck at 280. Thanks for the advice.