When V-Diet Phase 2 Is Over

What is the plan for keeping off the weight? Prior to the V-Diet I was eating 2000 cal a day - I am 5’10", 210lbs, 53 yrs old. Do I try to keep my regular food calories in the 1500-1700 range? I am afraid if I go back to 2000 cal I will gain all the weight back.

Choose only quality, healthy foods, and keep training.

You will most likely need more calories, but as long you don’t go back to bad eating habits and keep training, you will not gain back body fat.

See my “100 Gram Carb Cure” plan in the archives. It’s a good transition.

Also, avoid wheat, which can cause cravings and trigger overeating among other issues. See the book “Wheat Belly” for details if you’d like. Avoid milk (not all dairy, just liquid milk) is also a good idea for long-term leanness. I haven’t had either in years.

Consider Indigo-3G if you’ve always had an issue with carbs.

where are the archives located?

Under “Articles.” You can also use the search engine.

What does 100 grams of carbs translate to in actual food per day?

That depends of course on your food choices. I suggest a peri-workout nutrition drink like Plazma, MAG-10, or Anaconda, then the rest from solid foods. So basically, it’s a lower carb diet plan that covers the workout period so you can build muscle, train hard, and recover optimally.

I believe the 100 Gram Carb Cure article has suggestions.

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