When to Workout With Shift Changes?

So today I start the V-Diet! After a couple years of yo-yo dieting its time to make a change for good. Anyways, I am wondering if there is anyone who has advice on where to place the workouts in a day when you work 2nd shift?

My normal routine had been to wake up, protein shake, 30 minutes later a pre-workout, and then gym. Now with strength and NEPA walks to get in I am wondering if I should make this a “two-a-day” type thing on strength training days. I was thinking NEPA walks before work in a fasted state and strength program after work once I have some nutrition to fuel that workout.

Let me know what y’all think!

From a metabolic/calories burning/nutrients partitioning angle, doing the same work divided into two session will always be better than doing it all at once. This means that for the same workload you will burn more calories (through a higher average metabolic rate over the whole day) and store more of the nutrients in muscle and less in fat.

So it’s a good thing to split the training in two if you can do it.

However I wouldn’t do the morning in a pure fasted state, I’d still have the protein shake prior.

Coach Thibaudeau,

Thanks for the response. I have been putting your advise into practice this week and everything has been working great. My only additional question is about post work out nutrition. I have always been told that whey after a workout is essential. Well with the schedule I had I am usually eating the HSM after my weight sessions. Am I still getting the fast digesting protein from food that I would be from whey? Should I push to eat before I workout and then have the last shake of the day after I complete the weights? Thanks again for your insight.

  1. Are you using PLAZMA or at least MAG-10 pre-workout? If so there is actually no real need to have whey after the workout because you loaded your body with protein prior to your session and the session shuttled the protein directly to the worked muscles.

  2. I wouldn’t suggest having a solid meal close to a workout session, digestion will hurt lifting performance because more blood flow will be directed to the digestive system and less toward the muscles.

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