When to Use HOT-ROX

Hello Chris,
I looked for this question but I didn’t see it anywhere else. If am starting the V-Diet in a couple of weeks. I would like to incorporate HOT-ROX but I don’t see instructions on when to use it during the course of the diet. I know it is on an empty stomach, so I every morning the best time. Just once a day? I am 140# 5’3", so my BMI is 24-25%.

I am planning on a cycle of Se7en too. I would like to get the most out of the diet!

Thanks again and I apologize if this is a repeat question!

Hello there,

As written on the label, you can take one or two capsules twice a day, on an empty stomach.
Leave 6 hours between doses.
I just finished my v-diet. What i was doing was the following:
Upon waking up, i took two capsules, and did my NEPA walk if possible in the morning.

Make sure to try one capsule twice a day the first time, to see how you handle it.
I found that the second dose (especially two capsules) were giving me nausea, so make sure to experiment.
After a while, i had no problem with the 4 capsules a day, don’t exceed 4 capsules within 24 hours.

When i had nausea, i was taking 2 in the morning, and a single capsule about 7 hours later for several days, then switched to 4 capsules a day. Chris will answer, but it is pretty straightforward :slight_smile:

Hope it helps

Infected is correct. Just follow the label (you can view it at the online store here if you don’t have it on hand right now) and start at the minimal dose. Everyone is a little different when it comes to supplements that contain fat burners and stimulants. If you feel any nausea, take with one of the V-Diet shakes instead of on empty stomach. It still works well that way.

Thanks you guys! I just got my massive box of supplements but the diet calls for Biotest Leucine and that is not in the box. Do I need that still or was that cut from the diet? I have everything printed and ready to go, so I think I am all set.

I am excited and a bit worried that I won’t have the willpower to stick to it but I need a change, so I am going to try and keep that front and center in my mind as I get through the first few days, which people seem to agree is the roughest part of the whole diet.

Also, am I correct to assume that I am adding the protein and the superfood to one drink? Any tips on making that better or worse, please let me know.

Thanks again!!!

Leucine is no longer part of the diet and you weren’t charged for it. Sorry, it still shows up in part of the V-Diet text for some reason.

You can have the Superfood by itself or added to a shake, either. Your choice.

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