When to Take Supplements?

Hi Guys i live in the uk, and i have just ordered my Stuff for my V-Diet, The best Place found was Ok back to what i was asking, when do i take each thing like the HOT-ROX, Flameout, Surge, I have read all the articals and the forum but i am still a little bit confused.

Also other than these items what else do i need
Peanut butter?
Flax seeds?
Fish oil?

Please Help

I will start a blog on here once i start my diet

Hey nimshad congrats on starting the diet go to the Forum and read up there is a Thread that explains the whole thing

Go to the thread the official V-Diet workout or the thread Start here
It explains step by step what to do and how much you should eat etc

thanks ItaliaCat02, will do bit more digging around on the V-Diet forum to find what i am looking for

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