When is the best time to take Rez-V?

daisyruby77 asks:

When is the best time to take Rez-V? I’ve taken it during workouts with Micro-PA and Carbolin-19. What’s the timing recommendation for these 3 supplements?

The label use should be fine for the other two. Micro-PA about an hour before training (or any time of day on non-training days). Carbolin 19 once in the morning and once 6 or so hours later (doesn’t have to be exactly six hours).

So, let’s say you train in the afternoons. It’d be easiest to have the Carbolin 19 and Rez-V with breakfast and then the second dose of Carbolin 19 with Micro-PA before training. It’s fine to have some of them together so you don’t end up taking, like, 2 pills now, then 3 pills an hour later, then 6 pills three hours after that, then another 2 pills after.

The keys I’d focus on are: 1) No Rez-V around workouts. and 2) Definitely Micro-PA before workout.

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