When/How to Take Supps?

Sorry if this is a duplicate post, but I don’t see my previous post.

I’m about to start the V-Diet on Monday, Feb, 1 and would like to know when/how to take the supps. Keep in mind I usually workout in the morning before eating breakfast and after having 2 cups of coffee only.

The Diet plan says to take 2 scoop Protein, 2 scoops Biotest Superfood, 16oz of water.
And 1 Flameout softget.
So do I take the protein and Superfood together with 16oz of water, or separate with 16oz water each equaling to 32oz of water?

I see for the Plazma, I’m to take that on workout days, 2 servings with 34oz of water, so that is pretty clear…although that is a lot of liquids if I’m taking the protein too!

Suggestions please!
Thank you!

Don’t overthink it. Mixing the protein shakes and adding in the Superfood is most common. The water amount is a general guideline. Like the manual states, you can play around with the volume and consistency, bigger/thinner shakes or thicker/almost chewable shakes.

The manual also states that you could have the Superfood by itself in a zero-calorie drink (tea, plain water, seltzer [mix it separately in a bit of water first], etc.), no problem there.

It can seem like that if you’re not used to drinking anything when you train, but Plazma is designed to be absorbed quickly and efficiently, so it’s not like it’ll be sloshing around your stomach during the workout.

Thank you Chris!

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