When Do You Take Your NEPA Walks?

I like mine super late at night, around midnight-ish when its somewhat cool and the roads are relatively empty. I also kind of enjoy the strange looks I get from people who are still outside.

I take mine about every 12 hours. I walk when I get up in the morning and then again at night right when the sun is going down. The only bad thing about the morning walks is that if I sleep too late it gets pretty hot.

My plan when I created the V-Diet was to do NEPA walks in the morning on an empty stomach. While I think too much cardio in a fasted state is a bad idea (muscle loss) a NEPA walk is fine, especially if you take three BCAA tablets before as “insurance.”

However, practically, most people overeat at night, and that’s also the danger zone for falling off the V-Diet. This is mainly because the diet saved you a couple of hours a day in food shopping, food prep, eating, and clean up, so most people find all this new spare time when on the Velocity plan. Spare time can mean boredom and boredom can mean food temptations and mindless eating.

So, night can be a great time to get in your NEPA walk. When formulating the diet, I’d just fire up the iPod with an audio book or some good music and hit the road for a fast walk. Turned out to be pretty stress relieving at the end of the day too.

So, it’s up to you when you do the NEPA walk, just get it in, every day, no excuses.

Exactly what I do. I take my BCAA and walk in the morning and then do the same thing at night. Strangely enough it seems to help with the hunger. And instead of blindly wasting the time I listen to books on my iPod from Audible. Currently listening to The Millionaire Next Door, next up is The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals.

I am planning my NEP walks in the morning, maybe a walk around the park listening to my ipod. Some HOT-ROX before then a shake afterwards, although I do have about a 15 minute UT2 cycle to the station afterwards but since I am imobile for 30 minutes on the train I don’t think it’s such a massive issue.

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