Wheat Addiction

You talk about a addiction to wheat. I have issues waking up at night with an un-controlable craving for carbs. When I am on the perscribed V-Diet nutrition plan, I never wake up in the middle of the night unless I need to pee and when I do wake up I have no cravings at all and just think about going back to bed. Night eating has been an issue of mine for ten years and makes it nearly impossible to keep the weight off regardless of how much exercise I do.

Would this behavior indicate that I have an addiction to wheat? I am going to a gluten free diet post V-Diet. Will I keep my wake-free nights? Am I on the right track here?

I think you are on the right track. Crappy foods lead to crappier food cravings. IF you abolish all wheat from your diet I suspect you will not crave them in the middle of the night.

You may still have false mental cravings when tempted, but if you stay strong you will over come them.

It’s possible that wheat / exorphins are the root of the issue. Maybe milk too if you drank it before, which also has exorphins. Worth a shot. Those foods really do nothing positive for you and provide nothing you can’t get elsewhere. Lots of wheat-free foods these days made from rice, buckwheat, quinoa etc. so you don’t ever feel deprived.

But it could also be caused by eating too little during the day or going too low carb for your training volume. Once you get less busy at night, your body demands what it missed during the day. Also, stress eating could be an issue. That usually kicks in at night.

I think Indigo-3G on a higher carb, but wheat-free diet has been the best thing I’ve ever done as a guy who’s always struggled with fat gain. It allows you to eat enough quality carbs to build muscle without storing them as body fat. Definitely my #1 recommendation for post-V-Diet.

A good rec for a V-Dieter would be to keep wheat and milk out of the HSMs. That way when the diet is over, you’ve also gotten rid of the food addictions caused by wheat – takes a week or so if you’re really hooked hard at the opiate receptors.

Thanks guys.
I felt the withdraw symptoms during the first four days of the v-diet. I felt like I was going to throw up every morning and was super tired. On the 5th day the fog in my mind lifted and focus/energy came back. It was eye opening.

I’ll look into the indigo. I will be training for marathon post v-diet so I will be 60% carb diet. I will just stick to carbs that do not contain wheat. Not sure if Indigo 3G will help or not with that, but its worth taking a look at the stuff to see what the fuss is about.

I am leaving wheat and milk out of my HSMs since I am planning on going gluten free post v-diet.

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