What's Your Total Weight Loss?

what are the total weight loss in the first 28 days that people have lost. also how much more through the two week transition?

don’t have a total yet but 9lbs so far. i’m on day 17. a more appropriate question might be: how many inches has your waist gone down? in that case i started at 32 and i’m at 30.5. my deadlift is 355x1 at 160 lbs bw. not bragging just saying muscle mass maintenance is possible.

My last run at the beginning of the year my 28 day loss was 11.7kg and the next two weeks I lost another 1.3kg putting total loss at 13kg for the six weeks.

I’ll be half way through this run on Sunday.

Total for 28 days on V-Diet: 15lbs
I lost 7lbs the first 7 days, 3lbs the following, and the 2.5lbs each of the last 2 weeks.

I gained 4.5lbs at the end of my first transition week, and then dropped 7lbs follwowing that spike.

I have lost 22lbs total since starting the V-Diet on 3/17/08.

I see so many people on various threads bashing the diet, but I think it is a ture LIFE changer; if you do it and truly take away everything you can learn during the process.

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