What's Your Favorite NEPA Activity?

For me, walking gets boring . . . so I try to change it up a bit, and keep the same level of activity. So far, I’ve found the following works to varying degrees:

  1. Mountain Biking with my wife. When I go solo, I go too fast, and it quickly becomes cardio. When I’m with my kids, it’s really slow … . . so more of a NEPA lite. But, with my wife, it’s just right :slight_smile:

  2. Rollerblading with kids on their bikes. We explore churches and schools who have nice sidewalk mazes. See where they go, etc. Atlanta is pretty hilly, so there’s plenty of chances to sweat w/o losing your breath. (On my body, the line between aerobic and cardio is me losing my breath . . easy way to tell when I’m leaving NEPA and entering cardio)

I’ve tried swimming once, but it was very relaxing . . I think I need to walk / swim laps instead of just horsing around with kids.

What have you guys found / tried?

I like to walk honestly. I walk to the gym and get off the bus one extra stop down for about 5 more minutes of walking each way to work. Sometimes I’ll shadowbox/hit the double end and speed bags.

I just listened to an audio book while walking, and now I’m thinking I might start doing walks at the gym . . . . I love listening to books!

Is it ok to do NEPA after the workout? Would be convenient.

I’m really enjoying early morning walks before work.

I work in an office so it is nice to get outside for an hour, i find it makes em less groggy in the mornings too.

On the weekend I walked to my parents house, taking a massive detour walking along a coastal road and it really was really nice to look out over the channel whilst getting some fresh air.

I am learning spanish right now, so I just load up the MP3 player with that days lesson, and off I plod. I look like a lunatic, but its super efficient!

Que Bueno!

Dancing to tunes in clubs Without Alcohol with just diet coke

Yesterday I just had fun with the wife & kids at the gym.

Did a little rock climbing. (I suck, so only minimal exertion)

And did a little racquetball . . (Wife sucks more than I suck, so, again, minimal exertion)

After the end, I figured I sweat / worked about as hard as I do during normal NEPA, so I called it a “WIN”

Last night, I did EA Sports Active on my Wii for my nepa. I spent the day walking all over White Water, so I figured 30 mins of EA would “finish up” my work.

But, it does beg the question: Is EA Sports on Light or Medium too much for nepa? I do sweat. I don’t get out of breath, so, it seems about the same as my outdoor walks with lots of hills.

I’m actually a bit surprised by the software – it is a real workout. Except for the strength stuff – the elastic just isn’t even close to my strength. I might be curling 15lbs with it, when I normally work out with 35 :slight_smile:

Anyone else try the EA Sports? Is it an appropriate NEPA (or half NEPA)?

I like walking in Memorial Park on the walk/run trail, staring at the booty show of the runners in front of me :slight_smile: while groovin’ to some dance tunes on my MP3 player

Also park in the farthest section of the parking lot and walk into work

have also walked around downtown during lunch hour and in the mornings when it’s slow at work…it all adds up

I like to ride my bike, just downloaded learn spanish audio book(great idea). I will walk certain days to help get a tan(beach). tried out Wii boxing at a buddies house, that was pretty good. The way I understand NEPA is: as long as your being more active than normal your good.

Walking to the grocery store instead of driving there is a really good way to get NEPA in. For me, that’s a good 20 min of walking with a decent amount of weight you have to carry. :smiley:

I work about 15 min away from where I live (walking). So I walk to and from work, and get my 30 min of NEPA from just that. On the weekends, I walk to work and back and enjoy the view over the bridge :slight_smile:

walking down 12 flights of stairs at work … yeah I said down! not up, lol

luckily I had just started a job that forced me to walk around 5 miles a night, so I just did stuff that I found fun during the day whenever I felt like it.

Tree climbing walks: Walk, find a tree, climb it a little, continue walking, repeat.

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