What's the Price for the Velocity Diet?

to those who went on the Velocity Diet how much did you end up spending on the supplements? im considering it but the supplements s are reeeallllly costly.

If you purchase everything recommended by Mr. Shugart it’s 705 including the optional BCAA.

If you live in the UK its even worse.

I priced up a 28 days V-Diet with 1 week of transition and I was calculating with the lose more than 30lbs which means less Metabolic Drive used.

It comes to £418 which should be $850+ and that’s with no added supps beside the normal V-Diet.

Not that I am a huge fan of the diet…but who knows may give it a try some day

Its not that bad priced considered that covers ALL your food for a month (besides water). Think of how much you spend on normal groceries and supps in a motnh and its about $100 plus or minus

705 is a big number. Seriously, my roommate and I spend about that much for food in a month for both of us and our girlfriends. It seems like a lot for one month (which blows, because the diet is excellent).

I think it’s about 600 to 650 depending on your calorie needs, but that’s 6 weeks: 4 weeks of the V-Diet, 2 weeks of a strict Transition.

You can figure your needs, add them to your Biotest cart here on this site, then it’ll add everything up for you before you purchase. Shipping is free.

And as someone else noted, you’re buying virtually no food (only 4 solid meals for a month). Restaurants, booze, coffee drinks etc. can add up too with someone’s regular diet and lifestyle. Many people say they break even, others claim to save money doing the V-Diet, some say it only runs a little extra. Depends on how you handle your normal diet: cooking at home vs. going to restaurants/fast-food, Whole Foods vs. Wal-Mart, Starbucks vs. coffee at work, etc.

I whole heartedly feel that the cost of the V-Diet is completely absorbed by the fact that you are spending 4-6 weeks doing nothing but bettering yourself… Personally I purchase supplements in 1-3 month blocks depending on my goals, but on average I spend 100-150 a month.

Now even though I eat a 85% clean BB type diet, I figured I regularly spend 250 a month on food… when im eating serious its basically chicken,steak, shrimp, broccoli, oats, eggs, other veggies and fruits, nuts, and supps that comprise the bulk of my food, which most people trying to lead a healthy lifestyle should be consuming roughly the same type of foods IMO.

Now calculate in the fact that at my age 23 I wont be going out and drinking for 4-6 weeks, which is a damn good thing…I live in boston average night is 100+ if I go to a decent bar w friends…so there is 300 bucks…and that a severe underestimate (saying I only go out 3 times in 6 weeks)… So all those factors are already covering the V-Diet costs, ontop of a chance to really zone in on my nutrition and health…

The benefits entirely outweight the cost, its actually a bargain in my opinion…

While it is a good chunk of change, everyone here is right, you are essentially not buying anything else food or drink wise for a month and a half.

If you find it hard to imagine your budget, or how much you spend on food/drink and stuff today try out this neat little site . it will pull you account histories and give you a very exact breakdown of how much you spend and on what. Warning you may get depressed seeing where the money is going. After I tried this thing out to review it, I was horrified to find that I was spending 300-400+ at whole foods, I switched to my local farmers market and that came down, but you may be shocked.

All and all, I think the benefit is much larger then the overall cost. I highly recommend that you do a little research, try out parts of the workouts and build up a plan before you start this. I personally forgot what proper form was for a power clean and I did not want to show up Friday and hurt myself, so I was glad I got myself reacquainted with the workout before hand. **

If that means you save up for two months in the process or buy 2 containers a paycheck, then you are going to be better served starting then just diving in and muddling through.

** Oh, side note for Chris. **
It may be useful to post a recommended stretching set… I know, it is a bit redundant, but a co-worker who is also starting the V-Diet was just starting off cold, before I yelled at him and another lady who is also trying this out, must have learned to stretch in middle school. Seems some take the instructions too literally.

well my friends thank your lucky stars you dont live down under in new zealand where the cost of 1 Metabolic Drive is round 150-180 dollars so include the bcaa and the hotrocks your pushing the 2500 plus mark id say off the top of my head,

love to do this diet but cant afford to shell that coin out since i only earn well fuck all , may be bio test would sponsor me??? lol

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