Whats the Last Week Like?

Im about 6-7lbs away from my goal weight (which I want to reach by Feb 14th) and am a day into week 4. Im trying to sift through journals and posts trying to figure out what type of experience people had in week 4 and the transition weeks.

So far Ive been rock solid, with no cheats and healthy solid meal days. The low calories has been a little tough on me (it seems Im a little…on edge or grump when I take my cals this low) but the results are worth a couple weeks of work.

Any insight would be much appreciated. Its a great feeling to see my goals come to fruition. Ive never been to single digit bodyfat, and decided to use the V-Diet to get myself there. Ive always wanted to stay in the 7-12% range but just have never had the determination to cut long enough to get into singles. Im only a few short lbs away and have got my fingers crossed that the next week or two will get me there.

Nice work so far!

Most people find that the final week is easiest… strangely. But at this time the old cravings are pretty much gone and they describe it as being on “auto-pilot.”

In fact, the most common question I get from week 4 V-Dieters is, “Can I add another week?” But no, best to go into Transition.

I can definately appreciate the “auto-pilot” comment. It has become very automatic in many ways…turning down meal offers, answering peoples responses to the diet, drinking shakes, etc. Starting about 2-3 days ago things just got way easier.

Im not doing over 4 weeks though lol. I may have healthier cravings, but Im still craving solid meals…no doubt. Im also ready to be done dieting and upping the calories.

Not till my goal is reached though! Thanks for chiming in Chris.

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