Whats More Important for Recovery?


although I have failed the V Diet (I only lasted 12 days) I am still following the transition plan in that I am eating one HSM a day and doing shakes for the rest of it. As I have mentioned before I am deployed to the middle east and its bloody hot here. So I drink a fair bit of water in addition to the 4 litres of water I have with the shakes every day.

The side effect is that I am getting very poor sleep due to waking up 3 to 5 times a night to go to the bathroom. I have shifted my dinner shakes to 1730, but with the post workout shake and the bed time shakes (which I have at least an hour before bed) I am in struggle town. Even if I go just before bed I am still up within the hour and multiple times thereafter. Which is more important for growth/recovery, the shakes or sleep?

What do you recommend I do?

Your plan sounds good; we sometimes call that the V-Diet Lite since you get one HSM per day. Still very effective.

I’d suggest bringing the water down in the later shakes of the day. You can even make a paste or a pudding out of Metabolic Drive and eat it with a spoon. Tasty and really cuts down on the water.

Also, when losing fat, sometimes people lose a lot of “bloat” and inflammation, so some extra peeing is pretty normal.

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