What to Take?

Alright, I am looking for advice. I took the last of my Hot-Rox and Flameout. I dropped some bodyfat but looking to drop more. I want to keep my size and right now I am 215 at 5’10 at age 46. What supplements should I try. I train 6 days a week normally and try to keep my protein at 1 to 1.5 gr per lb of lean mass. I am about 18% bf and that isn’t acceptable. Looking to get down to 10% bf. I appreciate any help and insight.

What are you currently doing for those six training sessions in terms of nutrition? Have you looked into Plazma?

Did you like your results with Hot-Rox? If your goal is still to drop body fat, you could give it another run.

If you want to try a different approach, pairing Indigo-3G with Plazma is an excellent option to help you continue dropping fat and progress in the gym.

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