What to Take and How?

Hello to the T Nation authors. First I would like to thank you for all the information you give us day after day and which is of an incredible quality. I have been practicing bodybuilding for 10 years and I am very happy with the results I have achieved. See you soon, I would like to evolve again (without PED) but with the supplements that I take it becomes difficult it is for this reason that I go to the supplements Biotest but I do not know your supplements.

I train seriously 5 to 6 times a week, I am attentive with my nutrition and I am very healthy. Today I make 1m77 for 77 kilos and about 14% fat mass. Ideally I would like to arrive at 80 kilos and go below 10% of fat mass. What supplements can I take?

I’ve already thought about Plazma, Mag-10, Indigo-3G and Hot-ROX. What do you think? Is it sufficient? Thinking of something to complete? How to organize taking these supplements (when in the day)?

Thank you in advance for your answer and thank you for sharing your passion!



If you’re looking to gain size, I’d drop the Hot-Rox and go with Micro-PA. Hot-Rox is a fat burner, so it’s best used when you’re trying to lose fat, not build muscle.

Micro-PA basically improves your body’s ability to build muscle with the right training. Other than that, the rest of the is right on track. Make sure your training and nutrition are dialed in, and you should be able to add muscle without adding fat… which will have you ending up bigger and leaner like you’re looking for.

On training days, have the Micro-PA and Indigo before training, Plazma during the workout, and Mag-10 an hour or so after lifting.

On non-training days, go with Indigo before your biggest meal of the day, Micro-PA an hour before bed, and Mag-10 right before bed.

Thanks for your answer. Unfortunatly i’ve order before your answer so i cannot take the micro-pa but i’ve also take the bcaa. Can I take it in place of Micro-pa? Or i need to use it diffrently?

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