What to Stack with Micro-PA

Fit4Future asks:

I was just curious if it would be more beneficial for me to consume Plazma stacked with the Micro-PA instead of the Mag-10 due to the Plazma having a higher amount of carbohydrates?

I’m not really following the question.

If you’re using Micro-PA, sticking to the label use is the best bet. The only difference is how you take it on training vs non-training days.

Workout nutrition like Plazma is fundamental and will absolutely help progress overall. So by taking Micro-PA before training, you’re coordinating all efforts (the training stimulus plus workout nutrition) to maximize the effects.

On non-training days, you want to follow up a dose of Micro-PA with a serving of Mag-10 to sort of piggyback on the muscle-building stimulus that Micro-PA brings, because the leucine and specialized protein in Mag-10 increase the body’s ability to build muscle on their own. Nothing about it really has to do with carb intake.

Take a look through the Micro-PA Results thread and you’ll see that pretty much everyone who used it and saw great results also used Plazma and Mag-10 as suggested.

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