What to Eat First? Protein or Carbs?

There was a recent article that suggested eating proteins and fats first, then carbs.
Sounds interesting, so I gave it a try. This is what I found.

My training days(all first in am) are very typical-- PLazma pre and during, MAG-10 post, then meal of eggs, bacon and rice.
So, I used to eat the rice first then the eggs and bacon, and I always ate the whole plate. If I eat the eggs and bacon first, I get full fast, and I can only eat maybe half of the rice. As far as effect on me, I haven’t noticed anything. But, it’s only about a week now.

Do you have any knowledge/experience with this?

I agree with TC in that this can work, and for many they get satiated more quickly. In the big picture, the effect is pretty minor, but it’s easy and free and adds up, so why not?

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