What to Do If Sick?

So I woke up at 2am the morning of my start date(yesterday) with aches and a fever. It doesnt seem to be getting better. Im taking tylenol just to keep the fever down and having hotflashes and chills. Should I just wait and start over next sun or tough it out. My concern is getting through my second workout tomorrow.

Unless you CANNOT do it, DO IT! I mean, if you’re bed-ridden sick, then that’s it. But if you just feel kinda crappy, then I personally would push through it. Just keep close tabs on yourself when you’re in the weightroom. Good luck. Feel better.

I think I answered this in another thread, but:

Fever: Best to get better and start the diet again later. Same with “stomach” problems.

Most other non-contagious types of illness: tough it out.

I went to the DOc. He said it was a virus that was flu like but not the flu. Since im only one day in Ill wait and start next week. If i had been a week in I think I would try to tough it out. I want to give this my all though. Thanks for the responses.

Chris’ advice was good. I had a fever starting 2am on Sun and this thurs morning is the first day my temp is normal. It may have broke last night because I think I sweated out 2 gallons. I could tell I was really dehydrated this morn. Thanks for the quick reply chris. You guys rock.

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