What to Do AFTER the V-Diet?

im sort of in the post velocity diet phase. before i even knew about v-diet i followed my own hardcore diet with great results, but now its time to re-enter the world of normal eating. i’m a former fat boy and its easy for me to pack on fat, i’m 5’11", 185 and ~15%bf. so now, how do i cleanly put on muscle? my biggest concerns are:

  1. how much carbs do i intake now?
  2. do i nix the carbs for healthy fats?

and a host of others, but those are the primary concerns. before looking at velocity, i always thought high protein and moderate healthy carbs was the way to go. now im not so sure…

Here’s an older article of mine that might help you out:

Generally speaking, an FFB should almost always choose healthy fats over carbs (not counting peri-workout drinks.)

I guess I’m in the same position as you are… In my times of success, I’ve found that the guidelines given in the article that Chris referenced along with the ideas behind “Massive Eating” have really helped out a lot.

Be careful with the massive eating guidelines, though, because it’s a lot of calories. If I remember correctly, there is a part of the Massive Eating plan that is basically geared toward maintenance calorie intake. It’s called “Don’t Diet”, and I found it to be very helpful being a FFB.

I kinda fell off the wagon for a while, so I don’t know if you could currently call me a “FFB” (former being the key misnomer), but I’m reshaping myself with this Velocity diet.

I don’t know if you’ve looked into it at all, but I purchased the precision nutrition system from JB’s website. I’ve been reading through it, and it looks like it’s the perfect answer for FFBs (or anyone in general).

I purchased his gourmet nutrition v.1 book a couple of years ago, and it was an awesome investment. Once you learn how to routinely cook with the ingredients that are common throughout the book and buy vegetables on a weekly basis while incorporating them into nearly every meal, I think it’s the answer to our long term leanness.

I am still kinda unsure about how to workout once I’m done with this V-Diet. I guess it doesn’t really matter too much, as long as I keep the program volume/intensity in line with the current caloric intake for my goals, huh? I’m just a little skeptical on going on an all out bulking diet with a huge calorie surplus in fear of gaining too much fat again. Any thoughts along this line?

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