What to Do After the V-Diet?

Im not sure what to do after the V-Diet. on day 17 and its working great pics and log will come soon after im done. I want to take Indigo but im not sure if i should take Plazma as well, MAG-10 pulse once a week?

im not a big bodybuilder. i do more athletic things, Olympic lift and powerlift. Also, where do i get an outline or rules for diet on Indigo? any information would be appreciated. Thanks Chris.

Once you’re on Indigo-3G, it’s better to eat multiple meals with adequate carbs. It’s a nutrient repartitioning agent, so you have to give it something to repartition. Most start around 300g per day, counting workout nutrition like Plazma. We have a general guide for Indigo nutrition here: <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G Carb Guide

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