What Supplements to Buy?

I have not taken the step to buy the supplements yet. I was reading in this forum about various supplements suggested that are not part of the package sold by T-Nation. Can you tell me what I should buy? Female, age 55, looking to lose 20 pounds. I’m a competition athlete too fat to compete.

You must be referring the V-Diet package. Yes, Biotest makes a number of supplements, not all of which are part of the V-Diet. But I’d be glad to help you get a plan together.

Are you interested in doing a straight V-Diet or did you have something else in mind, like the Pulse Fast style protocols we’ve been discussing recently in this forum and others?

With the goal of losing 20 pounds, there are several ways we could go about it. Are you looking for something easy and convenient, like replacing most solid meals with shakes or drinks? Would you want to go an all-shake plan, or would you rather have something like one solid healthy meal per day with the rest of the feedings coming from convenient drinks or shakes?

What sport do you compete in?

If you have the time, can you give me a rough outline of your current diet? Where’s the trouble coming in? Overeating? Junk/fast foods? What foods do think of as “healthy” that you eat often?


I am ready to try anything. I do intermiitent fasting already and don’t eat until 11:30. Then I have three meals or two dependent on whether it is a work-out day or not. More food of course on a work-out day. I eat paleo but recently added back dairy. The weight crept back up after a couple of vacations- always still eat paleo though.

My trouble comes with too much wine. I am willing of course to give this up in order to get my body back and once I get there I have to safeguard it better. So I am ready to go all out and do whatever. I would like to really attack this. All my clothes are meant to fit me at 135 pounds so I have to get back there. I compete in kettlebell sport. There is a competition coming up but I don’t want to have 153 pounds posted all over the internet when they put up the results.

It also is according to a weight category and will be harder for me to place at my current weight. I only do weight training currently. I am one of those people who read everything I can get my hands on about diet and exercise and as a result feel very confused. I also have personal training certifications though it is not my daily job. I get influenced by things and then change the game plan a lot. Recently I have been influenced by Martin Berkhan and am doing three workouts a week with an emphasis on either Bench Press, Deadlift or Squat .

My knees ( meniscal tears and severe arthritis) have to be wrapped for squats and I worry if I should be doing them at all. Thanks for your help.

I like the basic idea of intermittent fasting for fat loss, but I see too many people losing muscle or having their performance suffer. I.F. can also be more problematic for females.

We created on own version if I.F a couple of years back, and are currently working on updating it based on some of our updated supplement formulas. I find this modified approach, which uses protein pulsing, to be much more effective with none of the drawbacks. A sample day can look like this:

  1. 5 or 6 <a href=""target=“new”>MAG-10 pulses per day (one serving each), roughly about every 2-3 hours.

  2. Healthy solid meal in the evening with protein, veggies, healthy fats, and a little starch if needed, like sweet potato or rice. You can adjust the size of this meal based on if that was a weight-training day, and adjust it to fit your personal goals and likes/dislikes.

  3. On training day, you can use a workout drink for performance and recovery, such as <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma. I’d suggest 1 or 2 servings per lifting workout for your needs.

The V-Diet uses protein shakes for daily meals, a workout drink, some other supporting supplements, and you only eat one solid meal per week. Based on what you’ve told me, I think the protein pulsing / modified fast using MAG-10 may be better for you, and you’d do well on it since you already have some fasting experience and know your way around healthy eating.

I recently wanted to tighten up for summer and I used the MAG-10 plan as outlined above to drop 4 pounds in 8 days, so it’s very fast and effective, and actually doesn’t require any suffering. Energy stays up and the drinks are quite satisfying. The evening meal is nice too. Allowed me to eat with the family and not be a social leper. Helps with better sleep as well.

Dairy: I too keep dairy very low and suggest that everyone avoid milk, which can cause bloating and interfere with fat loss even in those without a milk allergy (I think we’re all a little sensitive to it, and mass-produced milk is practically junk food these days.) Hard cheeses are usually fine though. Unsweetened almond milk is a great sub for regular milk and works well in recipes too. Also great by the glass. Give it a shot if you haven’t yet, and be sure to avoid soy milk. (I’m sure you already do!)

Paleo: I like a Paleo approach for fat loss for people who are very overweight, have food addictions, and are largely sedentary. But athletes and avid weight trainers need more carbs for optimal muscle gains and performance. Definitely drop the wheat, but a little rice is fine. I’ve noticed a trend that many former Paleo folks are now on “Paleo + sports supplements” and “Paleo + rice.”

Wine: I like a glass of wine too before dinner, but I cut it out when the main goal is faster fat loss. Keep it to one glass per week until you hit your target weight.

Any more questions, ask away! I’d be glad to help.

Ok. I will take that advice. I am going to treat it as a 28 day challenge and follow the training schedule of Velocity training. I will have to leave the jump out of the squat though as I don’t do high impact now because of my knees. Thanks for your help. I don’t see how this could not work.

Awesome. Please keep us updated!

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