What Protocol to Use w/ Indigo-3G?


My goal is to look like HULK no joke. I am much more solid than the pic with no shirt on.I am currently 5’10" 239 I mostly do German Volume Training and go pretty heavy. I would love to be a be in a competition by Nov. 2011


Lots of muscle there! So I assume the main goal is to peel off body fat and show off the muscle?

If so, I’d suggest Indigo-3G Protocol 1.

Then you can tweak the rest of your diet depending on your needs: mostly calorie considerations.

If you’re on Team 2, we’ll be building a log area soon. Stay tuned!


Thanks. I am on team 2. Also I have been searching for protcol 1 can you post the link please


You may need to click on the “1” to see the protocols.


I am taking this very serious so I will be doing two a days.

Here is a sample meal plan what do you think

Breakfast 0700
Bowl of Oatmeal (add
cinnamon Walnuts)
Skim Milk
Scrambled Egg Whites

Snack#1 0930
Metabloic Drive
Bottle of water

Lunch 1200
Grilled Chicken on a
Whole Wheat Wrap with
lettuce, tomato and
Fat Free Yogurt Bottle

Snack #2 1500
Meal Replacement (Drive)
Shake made with water
or skim milk

Dinner 1800
Grilled Ahi Tuna
Steak Edamame
Jasmine Rice
Sauteed Broccoli
Bottle of Water

Snack #3 2100
Meta Drive


I don’t think you have enough fat in there. Calories might be a big to low- but you will quickly find out on I3G exactly how much you need. I still say you don’t have enough fat, but someone else can correct me.


I do add a spoon of flax oil to my morning shake and I also take Flameout does that count


Not a big skim milk fan myself. Always makes it hard for me to drop body fat, plus it bloats most people and at least one study shows it lowers Testosterone. I prefer unsweetened almond milk.

The #1 consideration with Indigo-3G is getting in good peri-workout nutrition: before, during, after training. Take care of that with things like Surge Workout Fuel, Anaconda, FINiBAR etc, and you’re 80% there with diet.

Tim Patterson is working on some other dietary guidelines that’ll help you out, allow you to easily figure daily calories based on your goals etc. Stay tuned.


Thanks. I use almond. It was a quick copy and paste from a diet I wrote for a client


My supply is here Indigo-3G


And the grill is ready to go! Nice!

Can’t wait to follow your log!


Chris what do you think about me using CYTOCARB II. I know this is not a Biotest product but I think it is an excellent source of Carbs


That’s mainly maltodextrin, a cheap carb used to “cut” protein powders to increase profit by sleazy supp makers. People used to buy from home brewing placing in the early 90’s by the bag. Not very cutting edge stuff. Pretty low-end carbs. And remember, you want carbs to drive in something, like aminos. There’s nothing else in the product you mentioned. Looks like a ticket to fat gain.




Chris all I have is Surge recovery and I see total Carbs for two scoops is 52 does that mean I have to double it to 4 scoops


Start with 3 scoops sipped before, during and after your weight training sessions. You can adjust up from there based on your results.


[quote]ReconstruXtion wrote:
Chris what do you think about me using CYTOCARB II. I know this is not a Biotest product but I think it is an excellent source of Carbs


Hey Recon: I was going to use Cytomax another of their products but it contains Quercetin. So I had to cancel that product out of my intake.


Thanks Chris and Hawaii


[quote]ReconstruXtion wrote:
Thanks Chris and Hawaii[/quote]

You’re welcome.


(Sorry if I’m hijacking)

I see many Indigo-3G logs with people taking in 100-150 grams of carbs per day on training days. It seems as though some are only taking in the carbs from their Surge Workout Fuel ~100.

I thought I recall you stating somewhere that this might not be the best way to take advantage of Indigo-3G’s benefits.

Also, is there a greater benefit to having carbs at the meals following a dose of Indigo-3G or would a protein only based meal be okay?