What if I Can't Do 40 Pullups?


Hey guys. I’ll be starting the diet and training January 1st. In the intermediate program on the Wednesday workout it says Pullup/Lat Pull down (Wide Grip) I’d much rather do pullups then lat pulldowns but my max for pullups right now is 6 - 7. Should I still do all 40 or should I do less? And can I just stick with a tactical pullup instead of the wide grip?



I think you may be misunderstanding the workout. You don’t do 40 in a row, please re-read the full instructions.


I realized that you don’t do them in a row. It says to use your 8 - 9 rep max. My max on pullups is 6 which after a few sets I’ll be doing 3 - 5 reps. So I should just keep doing sets until I finish 40?


Yes, I believe that’s what Coach Waterbury would recommend.