What I Eat


This is just random stuff I eat throughout my journey.

All of these from the roast down to the bacon wrapped smoked sausage were all cooked within the past 2-3 weeks. Food people, it’s not hard.


Roast, baked sweet potato and butter, roasted asparagus with goat cheese, bacon, lemon juice and olive oil, and carrots and onions in a veggie mix.

The gravy is made from a bit of corn starch and some of those gums… still not quite perfect yet, but close.


Eggs, chipotle tabasco, roasted tomatoes and beef smoked sausage


spaghetti squash, parm cheese and beef smoked sausage


beef stir fry with red pepper flakes.


left over cumin crusted pork chop with scrambled pork sausage, onions, and vodka sauce


smoked paprika crusted burger with pepper jack cheese, cheddar cheese, chipotle pepper mayo and pickle stackers


cumin crusted pork chop
All left overs from previous meals:
hard roasted asparagus, zucchini and squash, grilled broccoli with parm cheese


spaghetti squash with italian sausage and vodka sauce, sauteed spinach with parm cheese and garlic


eggs, chili and cheese


grilled steak, grilled broccoli with parm and red pepper flakes, grilled corn


action shot of grill… why not.


Smoked chicken legs and wings… so freaking awesome.

After smoking at 225 for about 2 hours, throw under the flame broiler for about 1-2 minutes to make the skin pop with crispness and BLAM!

These were really exceptional.


Pan seared ribeye, roasted tomatoes with garlic, chilled cucumber slices with goat cheese mixed with chipotle peppers


meat loaf, gravy, corn and homeade baked beans


smoked boston butt… mmm


italian grilled chicken with tomato sauce, and mozz cheese. Peas with pearl onions, green beans


grilled italian chicken


steak, crushed tomatoes, peas with pearl onions


grilled chicken, tomato sauce with parm, lima beans, olives, roasted tomatos, mozz cheese balls