What Fits my Needs?

Hey all I am new to Biotest supplements, primarily utilizing BCAAs/Glutamine/Protein to get me to where I’m at so far.

I was anti-carb/keto for a while and while it helped the waistline running off fat instead of carbs left me with little gas in the tank.

Ever since I started preloading fast carbs before training (typically cream of rice) I’ve noticed a huge difference in workout endurance.

With all that being said I’m looking for something to help in that regard. I’m looking at Mag-10, Plazma, and Surge but not sure which supplement is best for me on this mission. I’m guessing Plazma but want to be sure before I order. Money’s tight or I’d buy all.

Also are Biotest products available in brick and mortars?


Plazma is the best choice for workout nutrition, but to compromise on a budget, Surge Workout Fuel is a solid option because it has some of the same ingredients.

You might also want to consider Indigo-3G to help with nutrient partitioning. Many people use it to bring carbs back into their diet and improve insulin sensitivity.

I’ve only seen Spike and Alpha Male in some Vitamin Shoppes, but it’s always going to be less expensive ordering straight from the site. There’s always free shipping within the lower 48 states, always 10% off $99/15% off $199, and usually even better sales around holidays.

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