What Did You Do?

The whole premise is that some on this forum are for an athletic sexy look like brad pitt from fight club or an strong functional body like a sprinter(usually more muscular). But when i see the V-Diet results only the genetic peak or those who are already strong end up with great results.

Your advice on quality mass is to be ripped before adding on muscle but most will end up being skeletons when they lose enough fat.

Do you agree with the idea of a recomp like diet and a strength lifting program to ramp up lifts and build while losing fat with noob gains before “cutting or bulking”?

It is obvious that it takes a few years to comepletely change your look but will any of these forum goers truly achieve your look of 200 lean pounds(Although not all are 6 feet)?

My question is: What did you do?
What do the skinny fat do next?

Crap, just watched south park. Cartmans impression of Lebron Jame really influenced me.

I’m not sure that’s the premise of this site all. It’s about losing fat, sure, but it’s also about building muscle. It’s not about achieving a steroidal look, but that doesn’t mean it’s about being “skinny” either.

And sure, those who’ve been lifting weights for years will always look better in their after pics. There’s something underneath the fat to uncover and show off. But that doesn’t mean one should stay fat in order to build muscle. That’s a false premise – the idea that you have to carry a lot of fat to build muscle.

I think that if there is excess fat to lose, it’s always better to lose it first. A beginner can lose fat and build muscle at the same time, and even an experienced lifter can if he’s smart about it. Someone with little muscle and a lot of fat may look “skinny” at first after a dramatic weight loss. But that’s better than looking fat. And excess fat destroys your health. Being “skinny” – although not a desirable goal – does not.

Trying to “bulk” when you’re already carrying a lot of fat leads to a whole lot more fat gain than muscle gain. And that fat is seldom lost.

What do the skinny-fat do? The same thing everyone else does: lift weights, eat to support their goals, take the right supplements, and keep basic good health in mind.

Not sure if that’s the info you were looking for, but I hope that helps.

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