What Days Would Be Best for a Pulse Fast?


i just received my v diet package today and im ready to jump in to it. i plan on doing one pulse fast per week while on the V-Diet. what day would be best? i was thinkin v burn day would be best but im not sure.

i plan one doing the before after pics and the blog. im very anxious. ive been telling myself for over a year now that i would do a v diet and im finally going to do it.

i also still have a whole bottle of l-leucine that i had from a while back. i plan on takinmg it. should i just spread it out evenly throughout the days i have my shakes minus the pulse fast day?

  1. I’d suggest the Pulse Fast to come right after the HSM day.

  2. One serving of leucine in 3 or 4 shakes a day spread evenly is fine.