What Chris Actually Eats

[center]“What do you actually eat, Chris?” [/center]
I get that question a lot. So, for the fun of it, I’ll post what I eat in this thread. Not every meal, but some typical meals. I’ll update often too.

Some notes:

Meal goals: To stay lean and avoid fat gain, to promote good health, to help me perform better in the gym and build muscle, and of course, to get full and enjoy food!

Philosophy: Satiating, high protein, plenty of good fats and moderate good carbs. Diet is wheat-free. Milk is avoided. Substitutions play a big role: almond milk instead of regular milk, almond and coconut flour instead of wheat flour, etc.

Enough. Let’s eat.

PS: To keep things uncluttered, I’ll be the only one able to post here.

Breakfast from yesterday: It’s kind of a breakfast pizza / eggs benedict mash-up.

The crust is made with coconut flour and flax. The toppings are two kinds of turkey sausage and egg whites. Am I scared of whole eggs? No way! The “benedict” part is make with omega-3 yolks and omega-3 butter.

My wife’s review: “Let’s start having breakfast for dinner too!”

BTW, the best of these recipes will show up in my <a href=""target=“new”>LiveSpill or the new <a href=""target=“new”>Healthy Solid Meals & Recipes forum, so keep an eye peeled there if you see something you like.

We have this about once per week at the Shugart ranch: while-caught baked salmon and a side vegetable, this time lemon-essence asparagus. So simple and actually inexpensive.

Full recipe here:

Beef, zucchini, and garbanzo bean chili.

Chicken posole with rutabaga chips and simple salt 'n pepper okra, plus spinach salad.

Sunday morning breakfast: Almond flour & coconut oil muffins with Metabolic Drive / Superfood shakes.

Thai shrimp and broccoli soup…

…with cauliflower “rice.”

Here’s the recipe for the rice:

West African Chicken Stew


Tonight’s dessert: Chocolate cake. (No sugar, no flour.)

Pumpkin chili packed with turkey.

Here’s a rough guide to making chili:

Steak, feta, and avocado “pizza” on new type of gluten-free crust.

Um, you’ll find pizza to be a bit of a theme/obsession here…

Chocolate no-grain oatmeal.

Base recipe here:

Shrimp cooked in red curry and lite coconut milk, baked salmon, lemon-zest grilled asparagus, spicy butternut squash “fries.”

Here’s the recipe for the fries:

Moroccan chicken, flatbread made with coconut flour, beanless hummus.

Recipe for the main dish:

And for the hummus:

Cast-iron frittata with extra lean pork sausage and pounds of spinach.

Base recipe:

Main dish: Pasta-less shrimp lasagna – Instead of lasagna noodles I use layers of zucchini.

Side dish: Spinach and artichoke dip.

Lean pork simmered in apple cider vinegar with baked rutabaga “fries”.

Dessert: Chocolate coconut bread.

Simple grilled tilapia with dill, grilled whole okra, all topped with pomegranate arils.

Spaghetti and meatballs. (Spaghetti squash, that is…)


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