What Can I Expect from the V-Diet?


ok heres my situation.

I have never ever eaten healthy and worked out on a regular basis consistently for more than 4-6 months at a time. i always give in to temptations and get lazy and fall off. i have decided to go on the V-Diet. im hoping that this will kill my cravings for bad food like some who have done the v diet say. i want this to be revolutionary.

at the moment im cutting right now and have lost 30 pounds of body fat. i say body fat because my lifts have gone up a little and the weight and measurements have gone down. i started at 205 lbs and i just weighted in the other day at 175 lbs. this has been over a course of about 3 months. i have no problem staying focused, its just the food that gets me.

i have been talking fish oil, HOT-ROX, L-Leucine, Surge Recovery, creatine monohydrate, and l arginine the whole time i have been cutting.

I have made the decision that i will now go on the V-Diet. i plan on buying all the stuff within two weeks. once i receive all the stuff i will wait about a week before i start the v diet because of some social obligations i have that i want to attend and i dont want them to affect the V-Diet.

im 5’ 6" and weight 175 lbs, by my standards im chubby. my goal for the past three months of cutting has been to go 100 days consistently of eating healthy(calorie deficit) and working out regularly. i will hit 100 this week.

my goal while on the V-Diet is to see some abdominal muscles. with all the weight that i have lost what do you think i should do chris? should i jump into the V-Diet or wait?


Congrats on your progress so far!

You’re right, training is often the “easy” part; it’s the food that gets most people. The V-Diet can really turn that around if followed for 28 days. Usually it takes about 21 days of the strict plan to really start feeling it - losing the bad cravings, getting a handle on overeating triggers, etc.

As for your questions, it’s always difficult to predict what any plan will do for someone, especially the classic question, “When will I see my abs?” So many factors involved (body comp, body fat distribution, age, etc), and it usually takes more time and effort than predicted. So I can’t say that you’ll look like a Men’s Health cover model in exactly 3.7 weeks, but I can say you’ll make a radical, rapid leap forward in your progress.

I see no reason to wait. It’s not like you’re 75 pounds overweight now. I’d dive right in and dig in deep for 28 days.