What Can I Do to Move This Along

Hi Chris,

In my third week of the diet now. I have been very good at following all the rules as laid out, and I feel like I’m doing everything I’m supposed to. But while I have lost weight (~12 pounds) I have lost only 3/4" off of my waistline. As you can see by my pictures ( ), my midsection is where I carry most of my fat and it’s where I really need to be losing it.

Beyond what is in the diet write-up, what should I do to increase the effectiveness over the next 1.5 weeks and then into the 2 week transition?


12 pounds is great for only 3 weeks of dieting for fat loss. Great work! And with the V-Diet, we know that done of that is muscle loss since metabolically active tissue is well-protected.

Fat loss can be frustrating because we don’t have much of a choice as to where the fat comes from. For most men, and for those of that store it in the love handle area, fat loss “begins” in other areas, like the face and chin, the pecs and upper back, then the upper abs area etc. I often say that it “works it’s way in.” Which sucks because it’s the middle most of us have trouble with.

Still, losing almost an inch so far isn’t bad, but I feel your pain.

The best answer is to simply keep going and let the fat loss work its way to the middle. But there may be something you can do to speed this up. First, make sure your HSMs don’t contain any wheat or milk. (I doubt they do, but if I were rewriting the HSM guidelines today I’d make sure to say “no wheat and milk.” Both of these can slow fat loss in those areas, or at least the appearance of fat loss due to their bloating effects.

Second, check into this:

You could use this method with your daily NEPA.

Yeah, losing an inch isn’t bad. It’s just that there is so much left, lol. Anyway, yes, there has been zero wheat and dairy in my diet since the beginning of Velocity. I will give the suggestions in that article a shot. I’m gonna feel like an ass if it works, because I have told people spot reduction is a myth! But it won’t be the first time for me looking like an ass.

I lost 10 lbs in the first week and a half which I would attribute primarily to water. Overall the diet seems pretty easy to follow. The workouts are intense. One thing I notices in the Drive product is there is Wheat and barley in the ingredients. This seems counter intuitive to me.

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