What are You Craving?

Okay, first off, I am really committed to following this diet. I am trying to get around to posting my starting stats and pics in my own thread. when I get around to it. I am less than a week into the official thing.

I have found it very helpful to talk about what I am craving each day, or each hour, whatever it may be, with my saboteur of a wife (more on that later)

I have heard a few things mentioned from others on here. Here is what has been killing me. I am not going to eat this crap and piss away my efforts. But boy, do I want to.

Pretzels. crunchy

Pizza. Thin crust especially

In and Out Burger Go figure. I have not had this in months

broccoli and potato, skin on, roughly mashed with parmesan.

you are probably coming up to the worst part of the diet.

make sure your HSM is as clean as possible - remember it will help to reset your taste preference.

When you first actually crave green veg over the crap youvde listed then you realise the good you are doing yourself and press on.

Doing the V-Diet the first time sure caused some discomfort and cravings for me - Like you, I craved thin crust Pizzas and my daily oatmeal + peanut butter breakfast!

BTW, here’s a link to a V-Diet survey I took last year - answers to some questions on there helped me better prepare mentally for the pitfalls that come with undertaking such a diet!

a six pack and single digit body fat.

That survey is pretty interesting. I am not getting as much support as I thought I would from people at work, or my wife. My wife really likes going out to dinner, and is just showing a little temporary frustration. People at work think what I am doing is too extreme, unnecessary.

You guys are right though. That HSM is going to be wonderful. I have been thinking about it a little too much.

Todays craving: pop tarts. Yet another food I have not eaten in years. Go figure

Thanks for the support.

I believe your biggest support system can be the T-Nation forum members and the T-Nation editors (Chris is very responsive and will offer advice whenever needed).

Having done this once, all I can tell is that even though you are seeing negativity and doubt from co-workers - if you stick and plow through the 6 weeks, the results at the end will get you compliments from people around you and that is very gratifying when others acknowledge you’re a smaller leaner version of your previous self!

[quote]jstirto wrote:
a six pack and single digit body fat.[/quote]

Best response and attitude of the thread…toughen up guys it’s only 4-6 weeks!

[quote]jstirto wrote:
a six pack and single digit body fat.[/quote]

I crave a hot body in a bikini and a tight ass.

Good job jstirto, gotta keep your eye on the prize as Tupac would say!!


i crave to never have a craving for unhealthy food again :wink: seriously, people. thinking about food is destructive to the V-Diet. if a thought about food finds its way into your mind, push it out IMMEDIATELY. even planning the HSM in advance can be difficult.

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