What Am I Getting Myself Into


26 yr Old Female.

Finally decided to go for it. Doing the V-Diet with my fiance because we’re sick of eachother complaining about how we look. I’ve been going to the gym with him now for 3 years. He is the first person to force me into the “big boy” weight room, which I love. But work and house and wedding planning have definitely gotten in the way of all of that. Hoping this will jump start a healthy lifestyle and get me looking the way I want to by the time we get married in January. Here is my starting info:

Weight: 157.1 lbs
Height: 5’8"
Neck 13.5
Shoulders 39.5
Chest - Upper 36
Chest - Lower 36.2
Waist - Navel 36
Waist - Largest 38
Hips 39
Upper Arm - L 12
Upper Arm - R 12
Upper Leg - L 22.5
Upper Leg - R 22.5
Lower Leg - L 15
Lower Leg - R 15
Ankle - L 9
Ankle - R 9

Feeling a little discouraged (ok a lot discouraged) by these photos. It took all my willpower not to suck in my gut as I am used to. But I know this is part of the process so here I go.


DO IT! You’ll love the results, Results for me were fast week 1 then slowed down weeks two and three as far as numbers go but the pictures are worth their weight in gold! So keep the pics going, Good Luck to you!


I’ll be following your log. Best of luck. Is it hard - Hell yes! Will it be worth it - Absolutely!


Glad to have you on board! Keep us updated!