What About Low Carbs and Indigo-3G?

I know you need to ingest carbs for Indigo-3G to have something to partition. I take 5 caps at 6 am for a 6:30 am workout. My question is I am trying to follow a low carb diet after 12 noon since Indigo-3G only works for about 6 hours. I drink a protein/clean carb shake while working out that has about 50 g of carbs then eat breakfast later for a total of about 75 carbs before noon. Is that enough? I try to keep total daily carbs around 150 for optimal fat burning.

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Sounds like you’re on the right track, yep. Shifting most of your carb intake closest training, like you’re doing, is one popular, effective approach.

Indigo-3G does put the carbs to work, so follow the timing on the label - before workouts on training days and before dinner (or your largest meal) on non-training days, and you can’t go wrong.

Eventually, your insulin sensitivity will get to a place where it can help you handle more carbs and you won’t “need” to go low-carb for fat loss, but that’s dependent on a few factors like your current body composition/bodyfat, training plan, overall diet, etc.

Coach Christian Thibaudeau also discussed some benefits of Indigo-3G even on a lower carb plan: Indigo 3g on Ketogenic Shredding Diet?

thanks for the reply. Does Indigo-3G partition all carbs in the same way, i.e. carbs from a brownie vs. clean carbs from veggies or wholegrains?

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