What a Rough Start

Hey guys,

Started the V-Diet on Sunday. I have a couple of observations and questions, but wanted to give a little background on my self. I am 45 and have been active all my life. I have always fluctuated between 190-200 lbs, but have seen muscle mass and cardiovascular conditioning deteriorate. My measurements are as follows:

Height 5’10
Weight 200
Neck 16 1/4
Shoulders 19 1/2
Chest-Upper 43 1/2
Chest-Lower 42 1/2
Waist-At Naval 38 1/2
Waist-At Largest 36 1/2
Upper Arm-L 14 1/4
Upper Arm-R 14 3/4
Upper Leg-L 23 3/4
Upper Leg-R 23 1/4
Lower Leg-L 15 1/2
Lower Leg-R 15 1/4
Ankle-L 9"
Ankle-R 9"

Here are my observations and questions.

The afternoon shakes are not enough to keep me full. I was fine after the breakfast shake, but the lunch and mid afternoon left me in agony. The same occurred on Monday.

On tuesday, I forgot to include the milled flax seed in my breakfast shake, which I drank at 9:30. By 11:00, I was once again in agony. I did put the milled flax seed in my lunch shake, and I was perfectly fine and lasted until the dinner shake.

This tells me that the milled flax seed is keeping me full, while the protein is not cutting it. I have also munched on the fiber choice tabs, to no avail. So my first question is this. The breakfast and dinner shakes call for one serving of milled flax seed.

According to the package, one serving is 2-4 tablespoons a day. I was doing 2 in the morning and 2 for dinner. Can I split those servings throughout the day?

Second issue. I just finished my second workout. I am doing the easy workout. On Monday, I flet like throwing up half way through the workout and in fact did after I completed my planks. I ended up throwing up my shake that I consumed about 1 1/2 hours prior to the workout.

The same occurred today. I drank a shake at 11 and worked out at 1230. Felt like throwing up half way through the workout, but continued to push myself. After my first side plank I vomited.

I am following the program as directed and don’t want to extend the 45 second breaks for fear of throwing up. I am a former athlete and have thrown up many times due to workouts. My concern is that I am throwing up the nutrients I am taking in, which will impact my nutrition. Short of behaving like a bovine and re-consuming my vomit :), I don’t know what to do or if it is an issue.

Lastly, I am taking some of the additional “suggested” supplements. Some of them suggest being consumed prior to eating. Is it safe to say that being that I am drinking a shake, that I can take them with the shake…as if I were taking them with water, or should I still take them before the shakes?

So far day #4 is going well. I am just trying to get this hunger thing under control.

Thanks for any guidance and I am glad to be part of this program!

Not sure about the flax seed question, I hate it though and twice a day is more than enough for me!

As far as the hunger thing, I’ve found that by spacing my shakes out every three hours it makes it easy for me. I’m hungry right now, but 4 pm is time for my fourth shake. I also start my day with an early morning workout starting at 5:30, and take HOT-ROX prior to that, then have my first shake at about 7am. If you aren’t used to several small meals a day it might be harder to adapt and get your body in line with the schedule. I’ve been eating the 4-5 times a day for several years so the change over to was easier fo rme.

The only time I’ve come close to puking was after my v-burn challange, and that was only nausea. I take the HOT-ROX as directed with water before anythign else. Then workout then my first shake. I think if I did it the way you’re doing it I might have some difficulty as well simply because you’re pushing your body while you should still be a bit full.

Thanks for the response. I have been keeping my shakes spaced three hours apart. Three hours after the lunch shake I am very hungry and the mid-afternoon is the one that does absolutely nothing for me. That is where I have the hardest time.

Regarding the workouts, I read on another thread that the workouts should not be on an emply stomach. I will try that though, considering my bed time shake keeps me full. Again, I appreciate you taking the time to reply to my post.

No worries man. Who know if it’ll work for you, I think it’s a matter of fine tuning due to the drastic change in what you’re putting into your body and how.

keep with it and once you find out what works best for you you’l lhit your stride!

No worries man. Who know if it’ll work for you, I think it’s a matter of fine tuning due to the drastic change in what you’re putting into your body and how.

Keep with it and once you find out what works best for you you’ll hit your stride!

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