Were to Start


hello. I new to the site. so i have seen all this diet stuff on here. i really dont know were to start. I am 6’3 my weight is 260 lbs. i am wanting to drop my weight down by about 100 lbs. i work out 5 days a week. i do not smoke or drink…i have been a big guy all my life… i am so sick of being heavy and wont to change. can you please pleas guide me in the right way…i am willing to give it 110% every day i am ready for a change…could use help asap. just wish i found this site sooner.


Here’s an easy plan and a good place to start:

You could also look into our V-Deet plan.

Or read up on Indigo-3G. A couple of our Indigo users have dropped 100 pounds with it.

Simple diet fix: Avoid all wheat products and drop all milk.