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If taking I-Well, would you avoid Miceller Curcumin because it has curcumin or is it different? I assume no issues taking P-Well with I-Well along with a real T booster like Alpha Male? Thanks, J

I-Well and Miceller Curcumin share the same form of curcumin. Technically, you could take take them together.

Miceller Curucmin has 400mg per capsule with a max dose of two capsules per day. I-Well has 400mg of curcumin per dose (one dose per day). So you could take I-Well and one capsule of Miceller Curcumin.

With the improved absorption rate of the Miceller Curucmin, you’re probably covered with the amount of curcumin in I-Well. But I guess you could always use I-Well for a bit and add one capsule of Miceller Curcumin later to evaluate any changes.


And I see no issue with taking P-Well and I-Well alongside Alpha Male. I’m currently doing just that.


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