Weight Restriction for Starting V-Diet


Morning Chris,

I’ve been turned on to the diet by a buddy who just successfully finish the diet. I’ve been trying to lose weight for a long time, unsuccessfully, and am at a point where I feel like a need a major change to actually see sustainable results. My dad recently had a quadruple bypass and he’s only in his mid 50’s. This was a serious wake-up call and I have a renewed drive to get healthy and improve my eating habits.

Like most people I struggle with cravings something terrible and hope that this diet will force drastic dietary changes and change my relationship to food. A lifetime of poor eating and processed foods is a hard thing to overcome regardless of how much knowledge you have. I need to completely change my relationship with food!

Long story short I currently weigh just about 275lbs, I’m 5’9" tall, and 31. I haven’t been weight training at all recently but I have been doing sustained cardio, which I’m discovering isn’t the best approach. While I can run a 5k I’m not seeing the short of progress I’d like. I’m down about 10 lbs in the last 2mths or so. I noticed when putting my stats into the diet calculated that it is not recommended for people over 265lbs. I’m wondering, since I’m pretty close to the cut off, if would be alright to start the diet? I’d rather not wait another month or more to get down to 265 to be able to start the diet.

I look forward to your response and suggestions


That’s pretty close to the cut-off point, so you have two options: 1) wait until you hit 265, or “fib” to the calculator and say you’re 265.

But it sounds like that you can easily drop another 10 pounds with some good eating habits and improved training alone. You may want to do the “100 Gram Carb Cure”, drop a few more pounds, and then hit the V-Diet. Up to you.

Here’s that link:


Thank you for the speedy response. I think the 100 gram carb cure sounds like a good plan. I’d like to start V-diet around the beginning of April. I’ll buckle down on my eating and be more consistent in my workouts and I should be able to get closer to the 265 mark by then. Any suggestions on workouts or should I just start to do what is in the V-diet program?

The 100 gram cure should also help me get my eating habits a bit more aligned before diving into the v-diet which will help with cravings and all that. One thing I was thinking about was a way to ease into the v-diet. Do you think it would make sense to incorporate a shake from the v-diet twice a day and eat HSMs 3 times a day, for the next couple weeks. Say a shake for breakfast and bedtime or snack and bedtime or something like that? Will this make the 100 gram carb more or less difficult to maintain?

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am at the start of a very long journey of weight loss and improved health that I’ve started many times. Anything that can help me stick with it and succeed will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for being so willing to answer questions and help out. It is an unmeasurable asset.

  1. The V-Diet training program is good, whether you’re on a full V-Diet or not. Tons of other choices in our archives.

  2. Yes, many do that: skip a solid meal or two per day and use a V-Diet shake instead. If you have issues overeating at night, as many do, then simply replace dinner with a shake. Or lunch if that better fits your schedule. That’ll naturally lower carbs and let you “practice” a bit with the shake meals. Should work very well with the Carb Cure.

  3. Read an article in our archives called “Phoenix Theory.” Many find that it gets them into the right mindset for long-term changes.