Weight Loss Progress


Hey there,

Doing the diet and loving the results so far. Day 11, down 13lbs.

Wondering if this is typical for anyone and what kind of results should i see going forward the last few weeks.



Everyone is a little different, much depends on where one starts.

You will not lose 13 more pounds most likely. Expect a slow down on the scale as you don’t have extra water bloat now to add to the fat loss number. That’s natural. Fat loss also natural slows, on the scale numbers at least, the leaner one becomes. Very fat people lose fat very fast. (Think those Biggest Loser contestants dropping 20-30 pounds in a week.)

But it’s not about numbers on a scale anyway. It’s about a shift in body composition and tape measurements, so keep up with the taping too. That tells the real story.


Thanks Chris,

from one man to another, i respect the hell out of what you do.

Keep up the great work