Weight Gain with V-Diet


Hey Chris, quick question here. First I stuffed my face the day prior to starting the V-Diet and weighed in the first day at a bloated 228 on day 1. I weighed in at 219.6 on day 3 and 221 on day 4… Is this normal? Haven’t fell over the wagon at all. As you say, “don’t say you did the diet if you didn’t do the damn diet.”


this is the reason why you are only supposed to weigh yourself once a week. there will be differences in water weight throughout the diet, especially in the first week. the time of day you weigh yourself also makes a difference. make sure you are using the same scale, weighing yourself right after you get out of bed and wear the same or no clothes.


Follow the weighing directions. Natural body weight fluctuations will make you bonkers.