Weight/Fat Loss Supplements


Hello I am looking to take advanantage of the 20% off special.I am looking to get the best combo of supps for fatloss.I don’t work out with free weights a lot,I work outside carrying heavy pipe and climbing ladders and in and out of trenches.I just want to buy a supplement package that would compliment each other.I don’t have the luxury to blender mix up shakes in the field,but I have done the mag10 shakes where I was able to premix them.Any help appreciated.Sorry for the lack of info I’m just hurrying to beat the 205 deadline.Thanks in advance for any info.


I’m a little confused. You want fat loss but aren’t training? Or is it that you’re not training much and you just have an active/physical job? Obviously a training plan that includes weights and some cardio will be the best and most effective way to drop fat.

What’s your current height, weight, and general fat level? And what kind of training are you doing now? Also, what’s your general diet like (do you your nutrition in order or are you still eating junk and need to get that under control?) Those are all factors that will help determine the best supps to choose.

In general, without knowing any details of what you’re already doing, I’d suggest Indigo-3G every day and Plazma when you train. Those two will get you very well on track, with the Indigo helping to address the nutrition side of things and the Plazma letting you get the most out of training.

You might also consider getting back to having Mag-10 during the day to help bring total daily calories down while still preserving muscle.


Timing right now is very hard to train with work schedule and OT,you are correct about lack of time.I just need the best option for the next couple of months till things slow down.I am 5’9" and 210 with I’m guessing 5-10% body fat.


I’m doing a carb cycle diet and try to run some and try to play on my competitive softball team when possible.


That’s gotta be some kind of typo, because bodyfat under 10% is already ripped. Anyhow, I’d still go with the Indigo-3G (every day) and Mag-10 (1-2 pulses a day). For cleaning up nutrition, those two are definitely top choices.

And get some kind of lifting routine in place ASAP to really see results. There are great two day a week plans out there, like this version of 5/3/1, or a few sets of complexes any day you have 15-20 minutes to train.


I am looking to re-start my body over again. Found you guys when American Sniper came out. Unfortunately, I am on the opposite track. I need help and advice on losing weight dropping junk food and getting off my stupid meds and get better and productive sleep. I think the Scavenger fish oil would help along with protein. I Title Box a couple of days a week. That should change. I am 5’ 6" 255 lbs and BMI let’s just say is horrible. Pre-diabetes also. Please let me know not only where to start, but what would be a long term plan. Not going to compete in the Arnold Classic but need to start moving towards 170 lbs and a 36" waist!