Weight / Fat Loss Stalled?

Hey Chris, I have just finished my first week -following the diet and exercise word for word. I lost 4 pounds after 3 days and 1/4" of my waist but nothing since then. Is this normal or should I make some modifications. Thanks, DKE

First, you’re already not following instructions and weighing too often - you weighed after 3 days. There is a reason you’re supposed to weigh and measure once per week: because if you do so more often then natural fluctuations will drive you nuts.

It’s perfectly natural to lose some water weight at first with any lower carb plan - hence the 4 pounds in 3 days. That will slow down as you lose the initial bloat and keep it off.

At your rate of loss, you are losing FOUR TIMES the amount you’re “supposed” to with most diets. Outside of a major lawn-mowing accident where you lose a limb, weight loss isn’t going to come any faster. And it’s not so much about weight anyway, it’s about body composition.

Stick to the plan, stay off the scale, take ALL the measurements and take pics, and you’ll be very happy after 28 days.

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