Weight Changes while Using Plazma

I went through 3 bags of Plazma (1.5 scoops each workout) and all my numbers went up. Deadlifts jumped 25lb, squats 20 lb, and bench and press improved as well. But, my weight was going up as well. It went from around 205 up to 218. Now, I am off the Plazma for 10 days and weight is down to below 212.

Is this something to expect from this? What is causing such a drastic weight changes?


Have you made any other changes to your training or diet? Or is the only variable no more Plazma?

1.5 scoops is a bit over 300 calories and almost 60g carbs, so that’s out of your diet now. Calorie-wise, it shouldn’t have that big an impact. But if the rest of your diet is low carb and it was a big chunk of your daily carb intake, that could explain the weight loss.

No other changes were made. Stopped using Plazma and replaced it with 2 scoops of JYM Pro (around 250 calories and fewer carbs).
One thing that could have something to do with it is that beginning of those 10 days was also beginning of my deload week as well. Now, in the middle of my first week of the new 531 block, weight is up couple of pounds again.

Still, more weight change than I expected. Interestingly, I still managed to get the same 1RM numbers on the first two workouts, so overall strength doesn’t seem to be afected.

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